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Lots of important news from Unwin Safety Systems
Monday, Aug 4, 2014 4:11 pm
Lots of important news from Unwin Safety Systems
Unwin Safety Systems' founders Norman and Jean Unwin, with Håkan Sandberg and Peter Wahlsten of Autoadapt, and Robert Unwin.


The Swedish company Autoadapt, which last year bought a 50% share in Unwin Safety Systems, is now Unwin’s sole owner.

One big aim of the deal is to increase the global distribution of Unwin’s products.

Another is to strengthen Autoadapt’s position as one of the world’s leading suppliers of vehicle adaptation solutions for people with limited mobility.

Autoadapt is part-owned by Bruno Independent Living Aids and BraunAbility, leading manufacturers in the North American vehicle adaptation industry.

So together worldwide, Unwin Safety Systems and Autoadapt are well-placed to continue expanding in public transport and commercial vehicle markets, and to keep serving more and more individual consumers.


Unwin’s founders Norman and Jean Unwin have retired, 58 years after setting up the company.

Mr Unwin said he had felt an “enormous responsibility” to his staff to keep Unwin Safety Systems moving forward worldwide, and he had been “enormously impressed” with Autoadapt’s directors, staff, products and premises.

He said: “We now feel very proud to be part of Autoadapt. We feel the company will go ahead under their control and we look to the future with every confidence.”

Mrs Unwin said she felt the same: “Autoadapt had exactly the same ethics as we did regarding their staff, which we think is the most important thing, and… they put the customer first, as we do."

Watch a short video of Mr Unwin talking about the deal with Autoadapt by clicking on this link or click on the screenshot image of him below.

Watch a short video of Mrs Unwin talking about the deal with Autoadapt by clicking on this link or click on the screenshot image of her below.



Andrew Creese, who became Unwin Safety Systems’ chief executive in 2009, has retired after five impressively productive years.

Achievements during this time include:

  • the opening of Unwin’s own crash-test lab in 2011
  • the development of Solar for the WAV market
  • the company’s first major move into America
  • the setting-up of a design and cutting service for vehicle floors
  • the introduction of new management systems
  • involvement in the BSI’s new UK wheelchair passport scheme
  • and work on the deal with Autoadapt.


Chris Hellier, who was Unwin’s Director of Operations, is now the company’s Managing Director.

Chris joined us early in 2013 after 22 years in the automotive industry.

He praised Mr and Mrs Unwin: “He pioneered many of the wheelchair and occupant restraints that people now take for granted. He’s a fabulous engineer and designer and that was recognised with his O.B.E from the Queen.

“Both Mr and Mrs Unwin have always cared deeply about helping people with disabilities to travel safely and they’ve made a big difference to millions of people’s lives.

“They had the vision to see what could be done to help people - and the drive to actually get on and do it.

“It’s a tremendous achievement to build up a company like they did, over nearly 60 years, and they were involved until their very last day.”

Chris also paid tribute to Andrew Creese, particularly for the work he did behind the scenes in arranging the partnership with Autoadapt.

He said: “It’s just a perfect combination, and a huge platform for us to launch the next steps of the growth of this company. It’s a shame in a way that Andrew has decided to retire and not see the results.

"I think the opportunities for us now are very exciting."



Meet the new members of our UK and International sales team, below - 

Mike Andrews

Mike Andrews is Unwin’s new UK Northern Area Sales manager.

He said: “I always wanted to work for either Unwin Safety Systems or Autoadapt - and now I’m working for both!"

Mike is well-known in the accessible transport industry as a popular and reliable operator.

His credo: “I never let people down. Ever.”

Mike used to take people out in wheelchairs as a volunteer for a charity, and he has a strong personal commitment to helping people with disabilities.

Mike's contact details:email or call his mobile - 07823 343 388.

John Knott

John Knott is Unwin’s new UK Southern Area Sales manager.

He’s joined us after working for more than 15 years in retail and B2B sales.

John has known Gerry O’Connor, our Director of Sales and Marketing, for about nine years and he’s been training intensively with our technical adviser Bob Appleyard. As several customers know, he’s also been on visits across the UK with Mike Andrews.

“Everybody’s been really helpful,” said John, “and when you see people using the products, it’s a really powerful experience.”

John's contact details:email or call his mobile - 07887 947 757.

Beverley Jackson

Beverley Jackson is the new International Sales manager for Unwin Safety Systems and Autoadapt.

Beverley started in the industry in 1985, at a convertors that used Unwin equipment, then specialised in lifts.

She said: "With Autoadapt, they care about the customer, understand the needs of the industry and are prepared to invest in what is needed.

"For the last few years I have heard good things about them from many customers and with the brands of Unwin and Braun - it makes a winning combination."

Beverley's contact details: emailBeverley.Jackson or call her mobile - 07572 288 937.



Adding to Unwin’s popular flooring system Innotrax, a new double rail plank has been designed especially for the European market.

Known as R3, the new double rail has been tested with all of Unwin’s standard ranges of wheelchair and occupant restraints, and seating fixtures.

R3 was launched at Autonomic in Paris, and our first order - for 55 floors - came in right away!

The new R3 extrusion features a double rail pitched at 122mm centre.

It also includes a double-depth profile to fit most seat designs.

All of Unwin’s Innotrax range can be seen in a very informative new brochure.

One photo-spread is pictured above.

Click here to see a PDF of the whole eight-page brochure or - if you’d like to receive a printed copy - please call us on +44 (0)1935 827740 or

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